New Music – Spirit Spine ‘Glossolalia’

Child hood nostalgia haunts me daily.  Spirit Spine is Indiana-native Joseph Denney. His third album on Lovegiraffe Records, Glossolalia tries to replicate just that.   As stated in his press release, Gloassolalia means “the religious practice of speaking in tongues.”  That couldn’t be more dead on.  The album is filled with nostalgic echo’s like in “Mission Bells” where the clanking of church bells ring through empty corridors of ancient bell towers on desolate mountain tops.  It takes me back to 1989, standing in the doorway of an empty ghost filled church bell tower of my parents mountain home town, Settefratti, Italy before my heart beat echoed up the spiral brass staircase and back down before rushing me out into the cobblestone streets scared shitless.  Chanted Grouper-like vocals intensify a coldness on Glossolalia but evoke so much physical you will come out of your body and stare at it from above.  Shit is intense folks.  Denney adds this last note about the album, “The album follows the story of a preacher traveling by airplane who crashes into the desert, leaving him the only survivor. As a result, the preacher must wander the desert in search of food, water, and civilization. Along the way he questions the religion that brought him there and the God who may, or may not, exist.”  After drinking no water for days, walking through the desert, I too would feel Glossolalia.  Stream Glossolalia in full below:


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